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What is SEO?

Have you ever heard the term SEO? Similar to terms like responsiveness, UX, and UI, the term SEO has left many not-so-tech-savvy people puzzled. In short, SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization and acts as a guide for prospective customers looking to buy your goods and services. Improving your SEO will improve your websites Google ranking which will lead to more traffic and sales. Many of our customers ask how they can improve their SEO. Unfortunately, the answer isn’t so straight forward. Essentially, SEO can be broken into two parts, backend website optimization and pay-per click advertising. These two components work together to attract and eventually sell your customers. Our team optimizes your website in a few keyways. The first is via optimizing your social share, favicon, and Google page previews. We also utilize third party plugins and company directories to display your firm’s information to search engines. Next, we optimize the keywords on your website enabling search engines to scroll this information and bank it as a search result. Once your site is optimized, we utilize pay per click advertising on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and related social media platforms. These campaigns are ongoing and require a monthly budget as well as continuous supervision from our team. Pay-per-click works just like it sounds - you display an advertisement on a given platform and pay a small amount each time someone clicks on your ad. Pay-per-click ads are very popular since you only pay when a customer has taken action. Moreover, PPC ads have transparent spend allowing return on advertising investment to be easily generated. After your website has been optimized and your pay-per-click campaigns are live, customers will begin finding your website within seconds. After proper optimization and PPC campaign, we have seen clients instantly receive views, phone calls and even sales. IDENTITX is a website developer located in Newport Beach, California. We help businesses grow with brandable graphics, SEO, and intuitive mobile solutions. We’ve built websites for wineries, investment companies, charities, muscle car rallies, product manufacturers, weddings, cannabis dispensaries, biotech startups and much more. As entrepreneurs, we understand the importance of timeframes, cost-effective budgets, and nitty-gritty details. Moreover, years of experience have given us an incredible knack for distilling “fuzzy” creative concepts into concrete actions that drive profits. We're standing by eager to bring you online. | (949) 838-7076

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