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WHW CReative

WHW Creative is a legal research company that utilizes proprietary search mechanisms that help lawyers find qualified class action members. WHW contacted IDENTITX to develop a completely new brand including logo, custom emails, business cards and website. With WHW interested in developing a clean yet convincing website, our team utilized bold fonts, consistent color themes and immediate calls to action to propel this startup towards success. 


UNION print shop

The Union Print Shop is a unionized print facility that has achieved great success in designing apparel targeted towards liberal consumers. In addition, this company provides customers several print solutions including digital printing, screen printing, large format printing, data analytics and direct mail. The union print shop approached our team with a colorful logo that was used to design the entirety of the website including fonts, colors, and layout. 

muscle car 1000

The Muscle Car 1000 is a five-day, all-inclusive, luxury-lifestyle adventure that brings automotive enthusiasts and their celebrated muscle cars together for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The Muscle Car team approached our company with a re-branding objective that included logo development and a complete website design. Our team utilized parallax image formats, bright colors, and pop-ups to target new registrants. 

Wizard on the go

Founded in 2015, Wizard On The Go, is a network of designers, handymen, technicians and artists that provide common household services with an artistic flair. The Wizard team approached IDENTITX with the intent of developing a completely new brand including: logo, business cards, website and customized emails. We utilized soothing images that featured high design and technology, bold colors and fonts, and a bookings section to achieve a functional yet aesthetically pleasing design. 

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Centralized Web Presence

As a brand partner with WiX, we provide customers an easy-to-use portal where you can manage your entire online presence. Want to start selling products online? Done! Are you a yoga instructor who needs to schedule client consultations? Easy! Want automatic deposits placed into your bank account within two business days? Simple! With WiX, your domain, hosting, and everything relating to your online presence is in one convenient location!​

Affordable Prices

Transparent pricing is one of our core beliefs. Unlike competitors who charge various prices for a range of services, we charge a flat competitive rate of $50/hour. More than 50% of the websites we build cost less than $999, and once completed, we'll connect your new site to a WiX premium hosting package that costs less than $20 per month.

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SEO Boosters

SEO (short for Search Engine Optimization) is vital in today’s internet-centric world. If your business isn’t on the first page of Google, your bottom line is guaranteed to suffer! (I'll bet you found this website by searching Google!) Our team is able to digitally embed a list of 20+ keywords that clients commonly reference when searching for your business. Furthermore, we’re able to customize your browser tag, favicon, and search summary ensuring your brand is properly represented.

The United States is estimated to have over 230 million mobile phone users by the year 2019! Long gone are the days of bulky desktops, dialup connections, and boring websites. Today’s consumers are thirsty for stunning mobile-friendly sites that are viewable on smart phones, tablets, and laptops. Our team is able to seamless integrate your desktop site into a beautiful mobile version ensuring you’re ready for the future. Don't believe us? View this website on your mobile phone!

Mobile Friendly

Instant Updates

Your business is constantly evolving, and your website should too! With help from IDENTITX, website changes can be made instantly. This ensures you’re ready for conferences, product launches, parties, or other corporate events!



"Michael Hoskins was amazing in executing the vision for Designodal. He is an extremely responsive designer with clear execution style and work methodology. Choosing the right designer amongst a pool of talent is hard. But what stood out about Michael amongst the rest is that he followed up on the development and offered to answer every question promptly. Coming from a design field myself, it was great collaborating with Michael and making the website come to life! I do hope to continue working with Identitx in the future. Thanks to Michaels and his team, especially Jessica!"

—  vinita pugal, designodal





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